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Keratin Hair Straightening Cream

Keratin Hair Straightening Cream

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The harmless formula contains fresh, natural moisturizing plant extracts. Natural spices, plant extracts, non-irritating. The operation is simple and the effect is straight after bending.

Hair straightening cream Pull-free and clip-free Comb straight cream Ion iron permanent hair straightening cream Does not hurt hair straightening cream Straightening solution hair care straightener straight hair cream with a comb. 

How to apply:

 1. Wash the hair with warm water, and then directly dry 7-8% of the hair on the hair softener.

2. Use a hair clip to smooth and style the hair.

3. Divide the hair into small pieces, distribute the fabric softener evenly according to the direction of the hair tail, use your fingers to separate it from the root of the hair, and then straighten it.

4. Softening test: Use 1-2 strands for the length test. If it can be pulled slowly 1-2 times, it will soften; if there is no pull, it means there is no weakening. You must continue to check, and check every 5 minutes. The stay time shall not exceed 50 minutes.

5. After washing the hair, comb and rinse with warm water for 5 minutes, gently wipe the hair until it does not drip, add styling agent to the hair and the ends of the hair, and then rinse with shampoo for 15 minutes.

6. Finally, use conditioner to cover the hair, rinse, comb, and blow dry.



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